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What to expect when 
you call

Callers speak directly with an attorney. If all LASSA attorneys are assisting other callers, you can leave a voicemail with your contact information if you feel safe receiving a return phone call. Alternatively, you can request a callback using this form.

Callers have the option to remain anonymous. All calls are confidential. Translation services in all languages can be provided (please indicate your preferred language when calling).

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Know your rights

Callers receive information about survivors’ rights, the justice system, and legal options. Survivors who qualify may receive further legal assistance or legal representation at no cost. We assist with legal issues stemming from sexual assault — like privacy, safety, housing, family law, immigration, medical/mental health benefits, and advocacy in the workplace or educational institution.

According to Texas law, all citizens are mandated reporters of abuse and callers will be made aware of situations that require reporting.

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